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The city of Heliwyr is damned. Decades ago, a mad priest officiated an ancient ritual, awakening a wicked force that branded every inhabitant, corrupting their blood. On nights with a blood moon, the curse awakens, depriving the inhabitants of their minds. Those who decide to follow the path of the priest, voluntarily feeding on the corrupt blood of people, become Apostles: almost immortal creatures, with bestial features, devoid of any humanity.

BLOODSTONE is an action-packed horror tabletop roleplaying game with a dark, gothic feel.
The players are a group of hunters, sent to the city of Heliwyr on a blood moon night, to hunt down an Apostle who is attempting to ascend, opening a gateway to the realm of the Ancients. 

The game has a high pace: the Hunt is a race against the clock. 
BLOODSTONE is designed for one-shot games: every time we play, we play different Hunters, who will face new obstacles and challenges every time: the blood moon nights in Heliwyr never end.



♦ The GM pamphlet (Game Master's Scroll) features most of the rules for running the game, the setting, and adventures sparks.
♦ The Player pamphlet (Hunter's Scroll) is the character sheet itself and it contains character creation and other character-specific rules.



Because the game is action-oriented, the Blades in the Dark ruleset is revised and compacted:

♦ A Stamina System inspired by the souls-like games, like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, instead of the stress system.
Character Creation is done by answering a bunch of questions: in 1 minute you can start playing the game.
No Playbooks: each hunter is differentiated by their origin, their attire style, and their weapons.
♦ Only three attributes: prowess, resolve, and wit.
♦ Special actions to summon ghosts from other worlds and visit the Workshop, a place between the nightmare and the dream.


Black&White and Print Friendly character sheet versions.


This work is based on Blades in the Dark, product of One Seven Design, developed and authored by John Harper, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Also, thanks to Emanoel Melo to inspire me.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Hey there! As a bloodborne and BitD fan, I have to say that this game looks amazing and I'm disappointed at how long it took me to find it! Just a few questions I have from reading through it (and I imagine that quite a few of these are just from keeping the game short as well as things that can be answered at the table):

• Are there any descriptions available for the items? I imagine they mostly line up with their in-game counterparts, but I was curious if you have any more specific details for the items in the bandolier and tools

• While the Apostle examples provided are super evocative, do you have any examples on the scale you imagine the Apostle abilities to be, especially post-ascension?

• When a hunter uses the bloodstone to go to the workshop, is that meant to bea true restful moment, or is their stasis something that could be punished (even outside of active combat)?

• If more than one hunter encounters a point of interest, do each of them gain an Insight? On that note, how much Insight are the hunters expected to gain? 9 apiece? 

• Since stamina resets after every action, and since stamina is the only resource paid for resisting, is there a mechanical reason that the hunters shouldn't resist every consequence? Even at 0 stamina, the worst thing that happens is that they face the consequence anyway, no?

• How does the parry of the gun work mechanically? Is it meant to be a purely fictional trigger, with it without an action roll, or is it meant to act as a sort of resistance? What about stunning?

• I noticed that the system doesn't have any Devil's Bargain mechanic. While I'm sure it's intentional, what are your thoughts on adding one in?

I apologize for all the questions, but I am very excited to give this a try. I love the take on the stamina system and am truly impressed by your ability to condense such a sprawling ruleset into 2 trifolds while remaining true to the source material.

Thank you!



I'm happy you found the game! I'm a small creator, so my games are not so famous - but still, I'm so glad when new players find my projects.

Here are your answers:

1. Not really - I'm planning to release an additional pamphlet, but I'm not sure when I will do it. I can provide specific information about the items if you need them.

2. It's up to the table. In my games, if an Apostle ascends, they become a god-like scale. Think about the Moon presence from Bloodborne (not the boss fight - the lore)

3. It's a real restful moment.

4. It depends if they will discover different stuff. I.e., if you and I are investigating an altar, maybe you will find ancient runes, and I will find a cursed ritual on a scroll. In this case, both of us will gain Insight. 9/10 Insight points per game are a good average.

5. If you have 0 stamina, you cannot resist - that's something I should explain better, I guess

6. Parry and Stun are both fictional and mechanical triggers simultaneously. You can use Stun talking with a strange character in the graveyard to keep them quiet. But also, you can parry and stun to react to (or avoid) actions from NPCs.

I.e., a beast is attacking you -> you can parry the attack.

7. I'm not a huge fan of Devil's Bargain without helping the GMs to use it (I'm a GM myself, and every time I struggle to find interesting Devil's Bargain). That's why I didn't put it in the game: I had no space to add the rule AND guidelines for the GMs. But it can work without issue!

I hope you will enjoy the game!


Thanks for this effective game ! A few pages but all we need is there...

An AP (but in french) : 


Oh WOW! Thank you so much (I speak a little bit of French - I studied it loooong time ago, so I can understand 10% of the video :D). I hope you enjoyed the game!


Yes we did !


Trick Weapon question: Are [Great Range] /[+Effect vs OO] the ability of Base form? or are they "the increased Effect" of Alternate form?

Pray in front of the tomb of the first hunter: Does "roll lower attribute" mean roll 2d?

About the trick weapons: the description between [ ] is the weapon's ability - in both forms. The base form allows the character to perform a quick and accurate blow, the alternate form a powerful blow (with increased effect), and you can take advantage of the specific ability of the weapon in both forms.

Roll lower attribute means you must use your lower attribute to gather dice for your pool.
I.e. if you have Prowess 2, Resolve 2, and Wit 1, you will roll 1 die.

(1 edit) (+1)

1. Aren't the base attributes 3/2/1?  So lower attribute means lowest attribute?

2. If the lower attribute is 1d, How can I get "6s: The first hunter spills their blood for you: You regain all Blood."?

1. Yes, but...

2. ...a player can improve their attribute, spending Insight at the Workshop. So, it's not sure the lowest attribute is always 1 - it depends on the players' choices.


Thank you!

(1 edit) (+1)

One more question!

Oath of Hunters:

But the light touched us, and we have become its emissaries. (Hunter's Scroll)

But the light touched us, and now our eyes are open. (Game Master’s Scroll)

Which is correct?

Oh - that’s a mistake made between versions. Sorry for that, I will fix it soon. The right one is the GM (… and now our eyes are open).

Thank you for your feedback!



Does a PC gain Stamina after he succeeded at his action roll witout consequence(6+ ) or avoided consequence(6+ on resist roll or use the special armor)?


Hi! Thank you for allowing me to clarify this point (I already received feedback about that and I want to explain better it in the future).

You regain stamina at the end of an action. An action is formed by 2 parts: action and (eventual) consequences.

  • If you don't have consequences (like in your example, rolling 6+), you regain stamina immediately at the end of the action roll.
  • If you have consequences (rolling 1-5), you regain stamina after the consequences - so you need to use the stamina points you didn't use in the action roll to create the resistance dice poll.

I got it. Thank you!

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What a badass game! A light and concise hack of Forged In The Dark. The pamphlet is beautiful as well. I highly recommend Bloodstone for you guys who is interested in FromSoftware-ish atmospheric TTRPG.

I do mention light and concise Matteo, but is there any chance you will expand the game to have advancement mechanics? Haha.

Best regards and take care, Matteo!


Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you appreciate the game.

About an advanced version… I’m definitely up to something - you will have news soon!

(1 edit) (+1)

Awesome! Best of luck on all your projects, Matteo.

(1 edit) (+1)

I talked to the developer over on Reddit about this game, and what a pleasure that was: so patient good sir! 

I just had to pick this up once I realized what a pleasure this will be to run for friends. I am super hyped to try it out! Will add to my comment after I get to try it (hopefully this weekend at #coninthedark2022! maybe someone sees this and wants to join us?)



Thank you Mark for the kind words! I'm looking forward to the #coininthedark2022 - it will be awesome watching players try the game!


my pleasure! hope to see you popping up around the Blades Discord if nothing else. Cheers!


Wow I reaaaally loved this aesthetic! I'm so excited to play, I already read the rules and I feel a good consistance in this structure. Congrats for put this aspects together and create this amazing oportunity! Soon I'll back with a more consistent feedback =D Peace and good luck!

Thank you! I'm looking forward to your feedback! I hope you will enjoy the game!


How does the Knight attire work? It looks like the special says "Protect an ally," but that also looks like just a special action that anyone can take at anytime anyway, right?


I'm relatively certain that's what you can do by checking off the special armor box of the knight attire, and not something anyone can do at any time.


Using the attire one shot ability, the knight can protect without face conseguences.


Thanks for the reply! One more attire question, with the Priest and Executioner abilities: Are those Resist rolls made with just 1d each when those abilities are used? 


No, you avoid completely the consequences without rolling dice. So, basically, if a Hunter suffers mental Harm, they can try to avoid the consequences using a normal resistance roll OR, if they have the Executioner attire, by spending the special one-shot ability.


Stuck outside on a night of the hunt?

I was immediately drawn to this game, as it checks off a lot of my boxes: bloodborne, forged in the dark, tri-fold games, one-shot focused games.

The game offers a few nice twists to FITD to simplify it for one-shot play, but each of these changes pushes the game towards the theme of hunters in a city gone mad for one night. Can't wait to play it!


Thank you so much. And please, let me know if you will enjoy the game!