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I bought the books and looked through it yesterday. I like how you tweak Agon into grim & gritty dungeon crawling. As a fan of both Torchbearer and OSR, I love your work!

And one thing I would like to ask you: Can I play Ruin of Doom in traditional OSR-style? (For example, Can I find secret door or sideway?  Loot enemy and open treasure chest other than adventure reward? Or using 10-feet pole and disarming trap without contests?)


Hi! Thank you for your kindest words :) I hope you will enjoy the game.

About your question: the standard Paragon System flow for a scene is: the GM reveals the scene (frames the scene) and the players will play it (it's a roleplaying game, of course). Then, the GM should ask leading questions, pushing the scene to a Trial (a conflict). The conflict will lead to the next situation (next scene).

During the first phase, you are in the free game. Some GMs prefer having a short scene and moving from a scene to the next with high pacing. But you can extend this phase as you (and the other players) want.
Finding a secret door can reveal to the player different options to face the enemies, or opening a chest can add Advantage Dice to the players, for example.

I really like to work with the Paragon System framework because it's very freely in these details. 


Thank you!

One more question. Does Wild Magic use Knowledge Domain?


To use the Wild Magic you need to spend Magic Scroll charges. The more chargers you spend, the more powerful will be the effect - BUT more dangerous can be the consequences of the Wild Magic: per each charge spent, you will roll one time on the Wild Magic Effect table.

The Knowledge Domain is used to face contents of Knowledge like, i.e., solving a puzzle or talking with an ancient God in a forgotten language.


Loved your take on the system!
2 cents of feedback here:
-I think the art inside is a lot more appealing than the cover. Are you really committed to the cover as is?
-page 14 > you use doom level and darkness level
-page 18 >  greed  great deeds

Hi! Thank you for your feedback.

I’ll update the text tomorrow, fixing the errors you found.

About the cover: I’m happy with it. It’s in a similar art style of darkest dungeon and I love the mood. But I guess it’s a matter of personal taste - maybe I should try a couple of tests to understand what’s the best cover for the players or create an alternate cover version