The Breach is here!

Finally, I released The Breach. 

I have been working on this game for the past few months, as I was moving house and changing my life. It has been a long and challenging time, made up of nights spent writing and testing the game you have in your hands. I hope it can give you hours of play and fun.

But the work is not finished yet: this first edition only wants to be the starting point. I want to continue writing, adding some chapters that have remained in my notes - the game examples are missing, naming one thing I would like to include.

And then: more creatures, objects, and points of interest in the Bastion. And at least a couple of pre-packaged missions to play without having to prepare anything.

I will update the pdf in the coming months: you will receive all this extra material for free.

And when the game is completed, I'll work on a physical edition (maybe with hardcover!).

I will be grateful if you help me support the project by leaving a positive review on the store and talking about it with your friends or on social networks.

But don't feel obliged to do it: it's a game, and as such, it shouldn't weigh people's lives and souls.

I, for my part, believe that I will go to rest. At least for a while.

But you can find me on Twitter: @MasterRPG or here, in the comments.

Have a good journey through the infinite worlds beyond the Breach.



TheBreach_Rules_V01_spread.pdf 135 MB
Jun 30, 2022
TheBreach_Rules_V01_pages.pdf 135 MB
Jun 30, 2022
TheBreach_Rules_V01_pages_optimized.pdf 35 MB
Jun 30, 2022
TheBreach_CharacterSheet.pdf 640 kB
Jun 30, 2022

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When I find some spare time I will buy and read it with love and interest

thank you! And I really looking forward your feedback!